Aider Ultra Grip is graphite based low resistance high conductivity mineral combination, which effectively reduces the earth resistance in difficult soil conditions. During installation with proper water pouring, the Ultra Grip compound will convert to the GEL formation and its quality to retain the moisture up to 20 X of its dry volume. It also creates a GEL protective layer surrounding the electrode. Being non soluble in water, it stays at the place and is not washed out by the rain water.

pH adjusting agent can maintain pH value surrounding the grounding material within the scope of protection. The life of the earthing electrode surrounded by the Ultra Grip Compound is considerably long compared to the conventional salt and charcoal based system. Since the content for Aider care Ultra Grip compounds are extracted from the natural minerals, it is more environments friendly and suitable to use under the soil. Aider Ultra Grip compound constantly absorbs and retain any naturally available moisture from the environment ensuring the stable earth value even in dry conditions. Aider care Ultra Grip Compound is available in 20 Kg bags.

Benefits of Aider Ultra Grip Earth enhancement Backfill Compound:

  • BFC is tested from NABL Accredited Lab

  • Helps to reduce the soil resistivity and develop a smooth dissipation path for fault current.

  • Maintenance-Free & Eco-friendly

  • Durable and  Long and Life

  • Highly conductive and non-corrosive.

  •  Reduce soil resistivity and Retain moisture for long time.


Applicable areas:

  • HT & LT Earthing for Domestic & Industrial Areas.

  • Lightning Protectors, Transformers, Mobile Towers & Digital Power Generators.

  • Substations, Electric Power Generating Industries & Refineries.

  • Computer & Data Processing Centers.

  • Sensitive Electronic & Electrical Earthing.

  • Wherever dedicated earthing is required.

Ultra Grip

Model: A UG20

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